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The development of the kittens

Stage 1.

Image descriptionIt's always been my dream to write direct and produce movies, music an media. I am able and willing to reach this goal though as I have just started as of January and have never been classically trained, though studied under some great well known artists across the country I hope to make a truly compelling story of a small clan of kittens raised as kung fu masters, though still only young that discover the legend that has created their very existence. .

Stage 2.

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Ep. 1- The Furious Four

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Ep. 2 - The Calling

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The Protectors

kung fu kitten Blaster
Loki, The Sleeping Tiger is the leader of the kittens. Though his antics may not seem the most energentic he gets the job done and always ensures the safety of Master Tai and Master Brandon.

Whisper clan

kung fu kitten Blaster
Join the Whisper Ninja Clan.

Eagle Style

Join the Eagle Style Clan.

Dragon Style

Join the Dragon Style Clan.

Venom Clan

kung fu kitten Blaster
The Venoms are derived from the 'Five deadly Venom's' one of the most popular cult classic kung fu movies of all time.

The vemons take on their own order after the battle between the 9 and Moshimoto Koto.
SciCo takes charge and TaLon joins him later to reveal an even deeper secret union.

The Crane Clan

kung fu kitten Blaster
Here comes the content.

Monkey Style

Join the Monkey Style Clan.

Mantis Style

Join the Mantis Style Clan.

Wu Tang Clan

kung fu kitten Blaster
After the Duagnting of Wu Dang,
a decendant made travels to Shoalin Temple where he was trained as a protector.

Years later upon TimLi's insertion to the temple he raised a predessesor of the Wu Dang style in hopes of keeping the Wu Tang style alive.

The Koto Clan

kung fu kitten Blaster
Become one of Mashimoto Kotos henchmen.

Sze Quan Tai

Become a kung Fu master with the father of the kittens.

Tai Quan Leap

Join forces with one of Master Tais most endeared brothers.
And boot to the head.